How much money does bodybuilders make

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Or is the bodybuilding mission simply a labour of love — or vanity?

Since Arnie hit the scene back in the 70s, the bodybuilding industry, and countless muscles, have exploded. Criteria like muscularity, symmetry and conditioning are used to assess the athletes and decide on a winner. The gruelling preparation for these competitions normally involves dehydration, use of oils, tanning lotions and fat loss, all of which enhance the already striking muscular definition of the competitors.

Depending on their success, professional bodybuilders can receive monetary compensation from sponsors.

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It can be lucrative, with the top professional bodybuilders making at least several hundred thousand dollars a year from prize money and endorsements. Working out every day and posing for a living sounds pretty good, right?

how much money does bodybuilders make

You might be a gym rat with a nice set of abs, but this does not a professional bodybuilder make. The bodybuilders on our list have endured years of training and investment, decades of strict dieting and gruelling exercise routines.

Olympia from on. S in Accounting and after his graduation from college he served as a police officer. He began his professional bodybuilding career in and after a relatively short spell of training, Ronnie won first place in Mr Texas competition Heavyweight and Overall. Olympia, but he still lives the life of a champion, spending much of his fortune travelling the world. Jay Cutler was born on August 3, in Sterling, Massachusetts. Olympia between and He began training early, as an 18 year old senior at Wachusett Regional High School.

Cutlers first win was at the Iron Bodies Invitational in and he won three Arnold Classic titles consecutively in , , and Jay Cutler was placed second to number 5 on our list, Ronnie Coleman, four times in the Mr. Olympia before he eventually claimed the title in The only Canadian on our list, Josef Wider was born in Montreal, Quebec in , to Jewish emigrant parents from Poland.

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Weider is credited with founding many leading bodybuilding competitions including Mr. Olympia, Ms Olympia, and Master Olympia. At 17, Joe Weider had an early interest in his body — he published the first issue of Your Physique that year, which would later become the renowned Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

how much money does bodybuilders make

He started out early in life, doing some basic weightlifting at age 14, and won the Jersey Classic in One month after his 20th birthday, Gaspari won the NPC Junior Nationals in Union, New Jersey and a year later, in , he won the lightweight class at the NPC Nationals.

The same year, he qualified to become an IFBB pro by winning the IFBB World Amateur Lightweight Division Championships in Las Vegas.

how much money does bodybuilders make

This run of victories helped Rich Gaspari to step up to the professional arena in at the Night of Champions. Between and Gaspari was at the peak of his career, winning titles internationally.

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The legendary Arnie tops our list as the richest bodybuilder in the world. He made his name in bodybuilding but was so well-loved by the public that he became a millionaire celebrity in his own right. In , Schwarzenegger picked up the Junior Mr. Europe Contest and two years later he became the youngest person ever to win the Mr.

Olympia — he go on to win the title six more times making him a 7-time winner of the prestigious title. During his career, Arnold became the face of bodybuilding worldwide and his boyish good looks and stunning physique made him a hit in Hollywood, where he landed leading roles in high-profile action movies. Schwarzenegger later ventured into politics, where he successfully became the 38th governor of California. Please Share Tweet Comment.

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