Make money with minecraft servers

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Playing with friends in persistent worlds is awesome. Legally, you are not allowed to make money from our products.

There has been one exception to this rule so far - Minecraft videos. Hosting servers can be expensive. We want to give hosts a way to cover their costs.

make money with minecraft servers

The following rules, which may be tweaked at a later date, have been created with these points in mind. You are allowed to accept donations from players.

You are not allowed to restrict gameplay features in an attempt to make money. Pets, hats, and particle effects are OK, but swords, invincibility potions, and man-eating select drop down menu jquery are not.

We want all make money with minecraft servers to be presented with the same gameplay features, whether they decide to pay or not.

Let's talk server monetisation!

There is one exception to this rule - capes! We have a lot of fun making cool capes for extra-special members of our community and Minecon attendees.

How to make money off Minecraft! -EULA Friendly- Minecraft Blog

Provide your customers with loads of info If you make money with minecraft servers decide to monetise your server, you must clearly state that the purchase is not associated with Mojang, declare who the money is going to, and provide a purchase history and contact details. You should also check the legality of selling digital items in your specific region. It seems really mean.

How To Make Money From A Minecraft Server!!

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How to Make Money on your Minecraft Server

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make money with minecraft servers

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