How much money does a medical technologist make

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What are typical medical technologist salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? Reply - Report abuse. Kathy in Chesapeake, Virginia. It seems that the employers locally adjust their salary to whatever it takes to keep their people.

Generally it means that most everyone in the field in a given area makes about the same salary. There is nothing I can do aside from getting a supervisory position to make more money as a medical technologist. I consistantly get excellent performance appraisals and am good with continuing educationbut my employer did away with merit increases several years ago. They used to give merit bonuses as well, but they have done away with that too.

The only thing that keeps me there is the working conditions - flexible hours, a good boss, and pleasant coworkers. Luied, I am not a supervisor. I said that the only way I can make more money is to become a supervisor, which does not appeal to me. You are welcome to apply anywhere you would like. It seems that there are a lot of Phillipino-Americans in the medical technology field.

In my department of eight employees, three have Phillipino heritage. Jennifer, I do enjoy traveling. In fact, I've been to France, Germany, Switzerland, Belize, Cozumel, and the Cayman Islands in the past year. I think you are referring to working in another area of the country. I think that the problem with that is that the salaries correlate with the cost of living, so you never have an increased standard of living.

how much money does a medical technologist make

JMiller in Long Beach, California. Misua in Council Grove, Kansas. Jennifer in Boston, Massachusetts. This major is crap.

how much money does a medical technologist make

If you are still undergrad, do not major in this!! Only use it as a stepping stone for medical school.

Jennifer in Spokane, Washington said: Have you all thought of traveling? Hopefully, Jennifer in Spokane will log in again. I'm planning to move to the Seattle area in the fall and am trying to figure out what I can expect to make. I realize that Spokane is pretty far from Seattle, but it's a lot closer than the Chicago area. In case anyone is interested, I work for a reference lab near Chicago and am way underpayed. Caitlin in Granby, Connecticut. Jennifer in Boston, Massachusetts said: I realize that this means a huge paycut, but I am willing to do it because I will hopefully be happier.

The reason I didn't go right into lab science and went into nursing was for the money, and now I am totally miserable. Also though I's mention that I am planning on eventually applying for Pathologist assistant school after I shadow one.

And even with a Master's I'm sure my starting salary will be less than what I'm making now as a RN with shift diff, and some OT. Medical Technologist in Atlanta, Georgia. Salary depends on where you are, what you do and how long you do it Having said that, salaries of the professionals i work with, average 70 a year up to 6 figures I've been in the field of laboratory science for more than 11 years now and I have to say that the field is broad and growing.

I think the problem with most people in this field is that they are not aware of all the opportunities laboratory professionals have. While I was employed in the hospital laboratories, just like most, I was unaware of what was going on around me. I didn't learn about all the opportunities until i got involved in public health. As an employee at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCI see Public Health Advisors, Public Health AnalystHealth Scientist, Biologist, Microbiologist,Epidemiologist, IT Professionals and other key leadership personnel with MT ASCP or NCA behind there names.

And thats not just at the CDC. I am now a Researcher, dealing with people on an international level,meeting people from the FDA, NIH, Colleges, Universities, Pharm and Bio. Companies and multiple other places, in all kinds of unbelievable roles, with MT ASCP or NCA behind there names. The hospitals are a great starting point, but don't let that fool you into thinking that thats the extent of this career field.

If you want to have a great career in this field, get out and take a look around. You may be surprised with what you see. Angrywolf in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I've seen that even the US State Department has hired techs although I don't know what that involves. Of course there are jobs in public health labs The jobs range from large reference labs like Labcorp and Arup to small hospital labs.

In some labs the work is grueling and the techs become burned out so it's not always a picnic. Plus the field has chronic lack of respect issues with the public, physicians and others who don't understand the work.

I personally believe medical technology while a stepping stone to something better should not be a primary endeavor for someone who is still young who can continue his or her education. Amare Kelly in Herndon, Virginia.

Medical Technologist in Atlanta, Georgia said: Your response was interesting to read because I am currently in a master's in public health degree program and I have been a MT for two years. I am trying to incorporate the two fields and would love to hear some of your ideas on career opportunities.

I have been looking at jobs offered by the CDC, NIH and I am excited about the potential for advancement in this career path. Susan in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'd love to talk to you further because I'm curious to know other options for me in this field for advancement. I want to get either an MBA in Healthcare Administration or a MPH in something but not sure of the specialty. I will start my clinical program in August so that I'll become eligible for my ASCP certification.

I was seriously thinking of becoming a clinical chemistry specialist. I was also looking into Molecular Diagnostics. I even got a publication from my pharmacology research.

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I'm just unsure about what else is out there. Please provide some insight on what you've encountered. Tori Groves in Columbus, Georgia. I definitely agree that majoring in this field is a watse of time. I graduated with a four year degree in Medical Technology in and regret that I even went into the field. There are a shortage of MT's which may help us in the later future, but I am definitely thinking and have been thinking for a long time about pursuing another area of practice in medicine.

Everyone in the field seems to be very unhappy and underpaid after about 5 years. I have to disagree. That is better than alot of other careers. CLS48 that's what I want to do, have a FT and a per diem. I'm just not sure I'd find something like this so easily in MS. Most per diems I find are in Carolina, GA, CA or FL. I'd love to relocate but have three kids and I know that daycare would be ridiculously expensive and this would make it nearly impossible for me to work two jobs and have no family around.

Their father has been on his job for 19 years and refuses to switch positions and locations. How does the traveling MT work through agencies. I heard they pay well too. CLS48 in California said: There are a few med tech jobs that are stress free but the majority of them certainly are not I'm not in favor of the traveling MT jobs especially for someone with a family and a those responsibilities. For the most money I would think a person would need to be a lab manager You would like to know in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I live in knoxville, tn and have 1. I am interested in traveling. You can not increase your salary unless you get out of the field. You start out making ok money but you never westfield miranda anzac opening hours much beyond starting salary. You can make the same money with a two year degree as with a four year BS. I have a speciality which is one year forex etoro BS and I make only a small amount more than people with two year MLT certifications.

Most lab sections are automated now. You can always find work in this field which is a plus and hours are often flexible. But plan to work a lot of weekends holidays and shift when you start. I was a supervisor for 10 years only making a few dollars an hour more than MLTs, I finialy decided it was not worth all the extra time and phone calls at home and went back to being a bench tech part time which is a lot of fun.

I would suggest you go into the military as an officer if you want can i make money on elance advance in this field. Great free training and oppertunity for advancement.

The only way to go if you like this field. Great start if want to become an MD. I work 24 hrs one week and 32 hours the next. I work 2 weekends on and have 4 weekends off. They are very flexible with time off and family issues. HOWEVER, the MLT's do the same work we do I don't think that is right. It should be equal pay for equal work regardless of your degree. Just because there is an MT behind my name I get paid a lot more! I have best currency pairs to trade 2016 a genaralist, a lab manager and a microbiologist for the length of my career about 16 years and counting I am at the top of my pay scale and have been there since I was hired.

At least being unionized, we are guaranteed wage increases each year. I have been toying with the idea of getting into a new field or trying to move forward in this field but have been frustrated so far. Without going back to school to get a Masters or another degree P.

I didn't really want to go back to school I've been a manager - too stressful. I have been having chronic and painful neck and shoulder pain. I want something that pays me more than I make currently with less physical stress.

how much money does a medical technologist make

I am 39 years old and in great shape - this profession is killing me! Any ideas from anyone out there? Kaiser Permanente is the place to work. I also heard health benefits are free meaning they take nothing out of your paycheck.

I haven't heard any other hospital employers do this. Well, I would love emerging market equity market cap work for the Kaiser that did that BUT, since I actually work for Kaiser, they do not give out bonuses before X-mas.

We also HAVE to pay for our health benefits. There is money taken out every month from our paychecks just like everywhere else. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that would be a perfect situation to be in but not reality. All of that is not free! My coworker works for Kaiser and she said the health benefits if you choose just the HMO is free.

Also, at least you do get some kind of bonus on top of your raise as most hospitals don't give that. Maybe there is a difference between Kaiser in Oregon teacup yorkie full breed puppies for sale in ct Kaiser in California. I guess I do mcdonalds trading hours anzac day 2016 the top tier health plan.

Forex mt5 brokers I chose the lesser plan then it would be free for me. Ray in Herndon, Virginia. I would like to hear more about the union for MT's. I am new to the field of Medical Technology and have never heard of a how much money does a medical technologist make for Med Techs. I asked some co-workers who have been in the european call option black scholes matlab for upwards of years and they had never heard of it either.

I am located in the Northern Va area and I am not sure if the unions are non existant in this particular area. We are a part of the OFNHP - Lab Pro union. It is similar to what the Kaiser RN's have A few years after I started with Kaiser, there were a small group of MT's that banded together and formed the union. So far, it has been a positive in those areas. However, some of the downsides are: Also, when we have an open position, it basically falls to the most senior person who applied for the job if they are a union member irregardless of experience.

You could have outside candidate that has tons of experience but you would have to hire the non-qualified MT just because they were union! Everyone gets raises even though they don't deserve them - I personally like the pay for performance option!

Sector etf trading strategy, I guess in these times of economic uncertainty and hospital budget problems If I got layed off due to budget cuts they would be required per union contract to pay me 1 year of my current wage! Yea I actually like a union for med techs. Kaiser is the only place I know of that has a union for MTs. Because of this, they get good bonuses and raises on their hourly pay.

Their pay is among the best in my area. It's the first time I heard a rate that high outside of CA. Yes a union sounds wonderful. I just want to know if you have to be certified by ASCP to be a member of the union. Because you can work as an MT and not necessarily be certified. I know you can start working but have a set of months to pass your certification exam.

Where are you working that you don't need to be certified thru NCA or ASCP? If you work for Kaiser you have to provide proof of how much money do art conservators make certification. Where I work I was hired as a Med Tech. And under ASCP guidelines, if you have a bachelor's degree in BiologyScience or Physics, and you complete 1 year of training in your respective department Ray in Herndon, Virginia said: I'm sorry that's under the CLIA regulations, and it stipulates that you can only wok in the laboratory or company that you were trained in.

Well, that is interesting I've never read that in the CLIA regs. I'll have to re-read them. I work with a few certified MLT's that have their bachelor's in Chemistry. If they could be getting MT wages for doing the same work as us, I'm sure they would love to know about that!

We have the same situation at our facility. And as I said earlier, you must be trained by your facility and you can only work for the laboratory that hired you. So if your company doesn't have positions for Medical Technologist Trainee, maybe your MLT's could look elsewhere. Maybe it varies in different states and from company to company. Rus in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

There are a lot of fairly easy ways to gain a certification if somebody really wants one.

How Much Does A Medical Technologist Make? | Inside Jobs

And those are certifications that go anywhere with you, not just the facility that hired you as a trainee. MicArc, your Chemistry MLTs should have no problem qualifying for a C ASCP as long as they've worked in a lab under a tech for at least a year.

Denise in Monroe, Louisiana. Can anyone tell me what the job market is like for a MT ASCP with 22 years of experience in Oklahoma, especially around Norman, Oklahoma Cityor Tulsa area? What are the salary ranges for someone with this many years?

If I relocate, can I expect my salary to be about the same or better? Thanks for any realistic info! Denise in Monroe, Louisiana said: I live just south of Norman and I can tell you that the market is really good. You should have no problem at all finding a job at one of the local hospitals.

You should also be able to make a bit more than what you're currently making, but you may have to shop around a little. Show me the money? Lab doesn't pay good for a 4yr medical degree. To the people from CA At 80K you aren't rolling too high out there.

Especially when thats from working 2 jobs? The automation, point of care testing, and financial budgets will make the lab a horrible future "job". I have been doing it for 8 yrs. For the new people It does make a great foundation for medical school or physician assistant studies. For the other people who are working outside the lab in research or whatever The vast majority of MT's are getting hated on, disrespected, and leave shift after shift with both physical and mental exhaustion in hospital labs.

The hospitals employ the majority of us. There is no advancement No in between at all. I have worked with so many former lab manangers who are now just bench techs once again. The old people are not leaving this field! They will die on the bench or in bed before coming in to work that day. Why are the old people still working so much?

CA and Manhattan I realize are so much more. There are more lab tests coming all the time, but the automation is phenomenal! The machines have taken over and will continue to replace techs already and much more in the coming years. All I have to say is that you're talking about South Carolina!

Is the pay for ANY medical position any LOWER than in the SOuth? Rohan in Forest Hills, New York. If people can manage minimum wage or even 40k a year salaries ontop of their tax cuts then you don't beat a 70k deal. I was bragging. YOu must have interpreted something wrong.

I only graduated from school 3 years ago so 70K from my one FT job is good enough for me right now. People always like to mention cost of living for CA which is overstated. I bought a decent size house at the beginning of this housing crisis for K so I my mortgage is pretty low. My cost to live is just fine and I'm sure comparable to other states. Robert in Dallas, Texas. If you have your ASCP you can work anywhere in the US. If you have your AMT you are limited ny and cali require ASCP cert.

If you have your MT ASCP you are golden, work anywhere, lab directordept supervisor. If you only have your MLT you will be the last choice if their is a MT applying for the same job.

Right now I'm currently a Senior in high school and I'll be graduating next year. I plan to attend MSU and major in medical technology. I don't know much about it now but I know it's dealing with blood, urine, saliva, mostly things from a human body. And i really think I can see myself in this field doing very well and learning alot of working experience.

And I see the money is kind of good that MT's are making and I don't think I would have a problem dealing with it and enjoying myself. JustinK in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan said: I am sorry but I am one and I made over 47, last year.

Dont know where you work, but you are under paid. Even though prices are adjusted for price of living, that is still extremely low. The South is notorius for underpaying their medical people.

Kathy in Chesapeake, Virginia said: Show me the money Get new comments by email My Email You can cancel email alerts at anytime.

Medical Technologist ASCP) Salaries by education, experience, location and more -

Host What are typical medical technologist salaries? What skills should you learn to increase your salary? Maybe I should move to Michigan!

The upsides of a union outweigh the downsides I believe. From the ASCP website: If you have your AMT you are limited ny and cali require ASCP cert If you have your MT ASCP you are golden, work anywhere, lab directordept supervisor. Top Cities for Medical Technologist Jobs New York, NY Houston, TX Chicago, IL Boston, MA Dallas, TX Find Medical Technologist Jobs by City, State, or ZIP.

View Medical Technologist salaries. View Medical Technologist job trends. For jobs in France, visit Indeed France. Comments 1 to 50 of Kathy in Chesapeake, Virginia months ago. JMiller in Long Beach, California months ago. Misua in Council Grove, Kansas months ago. Jennifer in Boston, Massachusetts months ago. Caitlin in Granby, Connecticut months ago. And even with a Master's I'm sure my starting salary will be less than what I'm making now as a RN with shift diff, and some OT - Was this comment helpful?

Medical Technologist in Atlanta, Georgia months ago.

Show me the money - Medical Technologist Jobs |

Angrywolf in Murfreesboro, Tennessee months ago. Amare Kelly in Herndon, Virginia months ago. Susan in Albuquerque, New Mexico months ago. Tori Groves in Columbus, Georgia months ago. CLS48 in California months ago. You would like to know in Knoxville, Tennessee months ago. Ray in Herndon, Virginia months ago. Because you can work as an MT and not necessarily be certified - Was this comment helpful?

Rus in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma months ago. Denise in Monroe, Louisiana months ago. Rohan in Forest Hills, New York 98 months ago. CLS48 in California 98 months ago. Robert in Dallas, Texas 98 months ago. Top Cities for Medical Technologist Jobs New York, NY Houston, TX Chicago, IL Boston, MA Dallas, TX Find Medical Technologist Jobs by City, State, or ZIP View Medical Technologist salaries.

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